Drink like the pros from the comfort of your home 

Shipped to your door monthly. Starting at $125.

Thoughtful and delicious wines from every corner of the globe

  • Quality

    There is a tremendous amount of tasty wine out there, but let's face it, the market is also saturated with wines that over-promise and under-deliver. That reality leads many wine lovers sticking to the few, 'old reliable' options. As a member of Cru Club you'll get to discover new flavors you've been missing. 

  • Curation

    Most would agree the best part about wine is enjoying it with friends and family—not overthinking if you chose the wrong bottle. Cru Club offers curated wines that are not only approachable in price but guaranteed to please. With Cru Club you now have your own personal Sommelier essentially a click away. Our team has over 50 years of collective experience in the wine industry and are excited to share the wonders of the wine world with all of you!

  • Education

    When it comes to wine, knowledge is power. We've studied the nerdiest details so you don't have to, but, most importantly, we'll break these details down in a way that's digestible for all. Each month members will receive custom videos where our team shares everything you need to know —from food pairings to the proper pronunciations! Rest assured you can learn at your own pace and drink better all the while. 


Whether you're on the hunt for quirky, crushable wines with serious flavor, or contemplative benchmarks from around the world, we’ve got you covered at Cru Club. Our goal is to not only get you tasting and learning more about wine, but to help you expand your palate and provide each member with the confidence to further embark on their own wine journeys. Cheers!

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